DANGEROUS (Feat Timbaland & Sebastian)

She’s got an appetite that won’t stop
The way that she’s dancing should be against the law
She likes to show off her body
Act like the life for a party
And make it hard for you to keep up
And it’s just a matter of time
‘fore she starts to play with your mind
She’s supersonic and her eyes are so hypnotic
I used to think that she was innocent, but…

She’s got the passion
That girl is dangerous
Better be careful
That girl is dangerous
You’ll learn the hard way
That girl is dangerous
She’s dangerous, dangerous

She’ll do anything for a good time
She’ll break your pockets down to the last dime
She’s so exotic and it’s so amazing
She’s the perfect drug for any occasion
And it’s just a matter of time
For she starts to play with your mind
That girl is evil and her love should be illegal
You’ll get too close and see ya wouldn’t wanna be ya

Refrain x2

TIMBALAND : Oh here she comes
Acting all sophisticated
So new like U can’t upgrade it
And And And And
Oh here she comes
With the diamonds all in her ear lobe
Bluetooth all in her hole
Check how the story unfolds
You in VIP and she’s scheming up a plot
You pushin’ up them bottles and she pushin’ up her top
She gives you little stares as you rubbin thru her hair then she shake her derriere
And And And And And
You just thinkin’ the draws might drop
Well I’m just thinkin’ she’s counting out your knot
You feeling on your shirt pockets like you’ve been shot but you’ve really been got
Let’s Rock